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Monday, May 15, 2006

Curriculum Vitae

Muhammad Shamsaddin MEGALOMMATIS 49,
Greek citizen of Turkish origin, currently resident in Alexandria, Egypt

Date and Place of Birth: 21 November 1956, Athens - Greece


1968 – 1974 Secondary Education: Lycee Leonin d' Athenes (French medium) High School Certificate – Very Well.

1974 –1978 Athens University, Faculty of Letters Graduation Very Well (Classical Studies, Ancient Greek and Latin, Greek and Roman History, Art History, Archaeology, Religion, Mythology, Literature and Philosophy)
1975 –1978 Institut Francais d' Athenes Language and Literature Degrees (in French Literature): Sorbonne I, Sorbonne II, Sorbonne III

Undergraduate Education without degrees obtained:
1978 – 1980 Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO) (1st and 2nd year of Russian Literature, 1st year of Arabic Language).

1978 – 1979 Universite de Paris Sorbonne Maitrise Tres Bien (Egyptology)
1978 – 1980 Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes IVeme Section Eleve Titulaire (postgraduate courses in Egyptology, Assyriology, North-Western Semitic Studies, Gueze and Amharic)
1980 – 1981 Institut d' Etudes Politiques de Paris DEA Bien (Political Sciences, Eastern European, Slavic and Soviet Studies, requiring high level knowledge of at least one Slavic language for acceptance)

Graduate Education without degrees obtained:
1978 – 1981 College de France (courses in Egyptology, Assyriology, North – Western Semitic Studies, Nestorian and Monophysite Christianity)
1981 – 1982 University of London (School of Oriental and African Studies) (Assyriology)
1983 – 1984 (spring semester) University of Damascus (North – Western Semitic Studies and Assyriology)
1984 – 1985 (fall semester) Hebrew Jerusalem University Mount Scopus (Egyptology and Assyriology)
1985 – 1986 Madrasah – e Shuhada – Tehran (Islamic Philosophy and Sciences)

1983 – 1984 (fall semester) Wilhelms Westfaelische Universitaet Muenster (Assyriology and Egyptology)
1984 – 1985 (spring semester) Wilhelms Westfaelische Universitaet Muenster (Assyriology and Egyptology)
1986 – 1987 Wilhelms Westfaelische Universitaet Muenster (Assyriology and Egyptology)
1987 – 1988 Wilhelms Westfaelische Universitaet Muenster (Assyriology and Egyptology)
1988 – 1989 Wilhelms Westfaelische Universitaet Muenster (Assyriology and Egyptology)
I terminated my dissertation, presented it, refused to accept and incorporate the changes suggested by my professors, and finally did not obtain the title of Promotion (Ph. D.)
Title of the dissertation: The Northern and Eastern Borders of the Sargonid Empire (722 – 609 BCE) and the End of Assyria (in German – unpublished)

Professors in my Postgraduate Studies:
France (J. Leclant – Permanent Secretary of the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, J. Yoyotte, J. de Cenival, Chr. Desroches – Noblecourt, P. Vernus, E. Laroche, J. Bottero, P. Garelli, P. Amiet, Fl. Malbran – Labat, D. Charpin, A. Caquot, M. Sznycer, J.-G. Heintz, M. Rodinson, M. Tardieu, A. Guillaumont, Helene Carrere d' Encausse – Permanent Secretary Institut de France, Serie Immortels),
England (D.J. Wiseman),
Germany (R. Mayer – Opificius, J. von Beckerath),
Syria (M. Harb Farzat),
Israel (H. Tadmor, S. Israelit – Groll),
Iran (Ayatullah Alameh Yahya Noori).

Linguistic background:

Mother tongue: Greek – Father tongue: Turkish

Many languages degrees and diplomas obtained in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

Other languages: Italian (good), Arabic (average), Farsi (average), Portuguese (elementary).

Ancient Languages: Classical Egyptian (Hieroglyphic), Assyrian – Babylonian (Cuneiform), Ancient and Medieval Greek, Latin (all at working level), Phoenician, Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac (all at elementary level)

Training educational programs:
1982 –1983 Commission of the European Communities, Brussels Translation and Interpretation Services, Division Traduction Francaise

Scholarships (obtained, not all used):
a) Spanish Government, b) College d' Europe – Bruges, c) Bulgarian Government (via UNESCO), d) Danish Government, e) Israeli Government, f) Iraqi Government, g) Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, h) A. Onassis Foundation, i) Egyptian Government.

Award in Journalism: Abdi Ipekci 2nd Prize of Journalism 1986 (for supporting a Greek Turkish rapprochement, a good neighborhood relationship, as well as an Entente between the two countries; the article in question was published under title 'the life in Savur' in Politika Themata weekly).



2004 August – today: BUZZLE – USA ( – Author / Contributor. Various articles on History, Politics, Minorities, and International Relations with focus on the Middle East, Northeastern Africa and Central Asia. (see below a list of articles and related links)

2005 September – December: AIRSS – Egypt ( an international institute based in Qatar, outsourcing activities in Amman and Cairo – Director of the Translation Department (tasked to a. manage the translators of the English and the Arabic departments, b. launch the French and German departments, c. edit English, French and German translations, d. initiate a Translation Seminar for the employees (9 in total), and e. plan the Russian, Spanish and Italian departments)

2005 March – September: PROMOTERS – Egypt ( a leading Egyptian full-service agency established in 1997 – Multilingual Editor and Knowledge Management Officer (tasked to a. write various types of texts, namely press releases, brochures, flyers, slogans, advertisements, scripts, editorials, newsletters, texts for websites, etc in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Greek, b. search, collect, distribute and leverage properly knowledge required by various account and project managers, and c. supervise the production of publications)

2003 January – 2005 March: GIZA SYSTEMS - Egypt ( / an Egyptian Software Development company of the private sector) – Publications Manager (writing and editing all sorts of technical documents, brochures, reports, CVs of the employees, white papers, letters, press releases, managing all the publication procedure, plus managing the Newsletter of the company, Nozzom / in addition: Instruction, namely Technical Writing and Advanced English courses offered to staff members).

2004 (April – November): YEMEN TIMES – Yemen ( – Editor – Contributor. Series of specialized articles on a) Ancient Yemen, b) Greek and Roman sources for the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, and c) the cultural – academic dimensions of the European Colonialism. Extensive commentary on the references of the Periplus of the Red Sea to Arabia, Yemen, Hadhramawt, Somalia, Eastern Africa, and the island of Socotra. (see below the entire text of many of my articles).

2002 (August to December): ARTOC Group / CLEO (English) Monthly Magazine - Egypt (belonging to M. Shafik Gabr, the Chairman of the Executive Board of Egypt’s International Economic Forum and member of the Egypt-US Presidents’ Council) - Deputy Managing Editor of the magazine (ensuring all related activities, from contributing articles and interviewing celebrities to supervising the production, the advertisement sales dept, and the PR).

2001 July – 2002 August: FAB / CIT BUSINESS (English) Magazine - Egypt - Senior Editor and Board Member (ensuring all the editorial activities).

1998 September – 2001 July: Allianz Asset Management - Greece - Sales Manager (sales of asset management products, namely Unit Linked and Mutual Funds).

1997 February – 1998 August: Free lance journalist, contributor to Greek magazines and newspapers, research fellow and author based in Upper Egypt (Luqsor and Aswan).

1994 September – 1997 February: Eastern Mediterranean University (Famagusta, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) - Turkey - Lecturer. Courses on Ancient History, Archaeology, Languages, Literatures and Religions of the Middle East. Archiving and librarian's activities.

1994 January – 1997 February: Kibris Vakfi (Cyprus Foundation) - Turkey - Scientific Advisor, Visiting Professor, Board Member and Author (1 book published in three languages). Open lectures on Islamic and Modern History of the Middle East. Many publications; organization and participation in conferences, congresses, colloquia, etc.

1994 January – 1997 February: Scientific Advisor and Contributor to several Turkish newspapers and magazines, namely Turkish Daily News, Turkiye, Sabah and Cumhuriyet.

1990 November – 1994 January: Domos Publishing House - Greece - Scientific Advisor and Board Member, Scholarly Contributor to 'Byzantinos Domos' annual, and author (1 book).

1990 September – 1994 January: Stohastis Publishing House - Greece - Scientific Advisor - Board Member and Business Development Manager, Author (5 books).

1985 April – 1994 January: Scientific Advisor, Editorial Board Member and/or Contributor working for numerous Greek newspapers, weekly reviews and monthly magazines, namely Evdomi, Politika Themata, Epopteia, Ena, Eikones, Tetarto, Anexigito, Reader's Digest (Greek edition), Nea Oikologia, Dipli Eikona, Apodimos Ellinismos, Synkhroni Ekpaideusi, Tekhni kai Logos, Archaeologia, Eleftherotypia, Exormisi, Trito Mati, Anikheuseis, Vorras kai Notos, Diavazo, Photographos, etc. Contributing Journalist to Soroush - Iran. Covering a great variety of subjects from economic analysis to historical insights, from war front (Iran - Iraq) reportage to environmental features, interviews and special issues (Kurdistan, Afghanistan, etc), itineraries, subjects related to History of Religion. Area of coverage: Middle East, North- Eastern Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and India. -------- Until June 1989 in parallel with the preparation of my Ph.D.

1985 September – 1991 July: Ekdotike Athenon SA - Greece - Scientific Advisor and Contributor to the encyclopedia. Numerous - at times very extensive - entries (more than 10000 words each) published in the volumes of the Elliniki Ekpaideutiki Enkiklopedia; participation in the original planning of the volumes World Mythology, Religions, World History. -------- Until June 1989 in parallel with the preparation of my Ph.D.

1988 March – 1990 July: Enkiklopedia Hydria - Greece - Scientific Advisor and Contributor to the encyclopedia. Numerous lengthy entries published in the volumes of Hydria encyclopedia; participation in the planning of the Supplement. -------- Until June 1989 in parallel with the preparation of my Ph.D.

1988 October – 1989 May: Goulandris - Horn Foundation, Athens - Greece - Visiting Professor. Lectures on Ancient History, Languages, Literatures and Religions of the Middle East. ---------- In parallel with the preparation of my Ph.D.

1987 October – 1988 May: Nea Acropolis Foundation, Athens - Greece - Visiting Professor. Lectures on Ancient History, Languages, Literatures and Religions of the Middle East. Seminar on Egyptian Hieroglyphics. ---------- In parallel with the preparation of my Ph.D.

1985 September – 1989 June: Fytrakis Publishing House - Greece - Translator. Several books translated and published. ---------- In parallel with the preparation of my Ph.D.

** During my numerous trips (from Mauritania to Pakistan, and from Kazakhstan to Somalia) of either journalist or archaeological purpose, I had the opportunity to shoot video, and take pictures and slides, of which I made use a) in my features and articles published in the press, b) in entries published in encyclopedias, c) in scholarly contributions to academic annuals, d) in my books, e) in my lectures and speeches (as far as slides and pictures are concerned) and f) in my courses and seminars (as far as video tapes - VHS and high8 - are concerned).


Academic Courses Offered at the Eastern Mediterranean University (1994 – 1997)

All courses are semester courses

HIST 202. Ancient History of the Middle East (the beginning of the civilization in Sumer and Elam, the early dynasties of Sumer, the Empire of Akkad, its decline and fall)

HIST 202. Ancient History of the Middle East (the Guti and the Neo-Sumerian periods in Mesopotamia)

HIST 202. Ancient History of the Middle East (the Ancient Assyrian and Babylonian times)

HIST 206. World History

HIT 101. History of Mathematics in the Antiquity (Numbers and numeration systems of all the major peoples of Oriental and Classical Antiquity)

HIST 104. Modern History of Cyprus

PHIL 201. History of Religions and Mythology (Ancient Sumerian, Elamite, Assyrian and Babylonian religions and myths: Enuma Elish, Adapa, Gilgamesh, Etana, the Flood, Ishtar’s Descent to the Nether World, etc)

PHIL 201. History of Religions and Mythology (Ancient Egyptian religion: the Heliopolitan, the Hermupolitan, Memphitic, and the Theban religious systems, myths and ideologies, and the Amarna Monotheism // the religious – ideological syncretism of the Egyptian Late Antiquity: Isidism, Osiris, Hathor, Horus, Thot, and Anubis cults, Gnosticisms, Hermetism, Diffusion of Egyptian cultic – religious – philosophical systems throughout the Roman Empire)

PHIL 201. History of Religions and Mythology (Ancient Hittite religions and myths: Ullikummi, Illuyankas, Telipinus; other Ancient Anatolian religious and mythological systems: Hatti, Luwian, Urartu, Neo-Hittite, Phrygian, Lydian, Carian, Lycian, Cappadocian)

PHIL 202. History of Religions and Mythology (the Evil in Ancient Oriental Religions, Cults, Mythologies and Philosophies)

LIT 101. Ancient Literatures (Analytical study of the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic text Expedition to Punt by Queen Hatshepsut that narrates an Egyptian expedition to the Red Sea and Horn of Africa coasts around 1475 BCE)

LIT 133. Travel Literature (Analytical study of A. the Egyptian Hieratic text known as the Adventures of Wenamun that narrates an Egyptian priest’s trip to Phoenicia / Lebanon by 1075 BCE and B. the Periplus of Hanno, King of the Carthaginians, an Ancient Greek translation of the original Carthaginian – now lost - text that narrates that king’s expedition to the Western coast of Africa down to today’s Sierra Leone by 450 BCE)

LIT 102. Ancient Literatures (Analytical study of the Periplus of the Red Sea, an Ancient Greek text of the 1st century CE, written by an unknown Egyptian captain and merchant, that narrates details concerning the commerce, the navigation, the geography and the political structures throughout a vast area encompassing the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Indian Ocean and Indochina)

GRE 01. Introduction to Greek language

GRE 01. Introduction to Greek language


Major Works and Scholarly Publications (for book reviews see below)
Here are not included hundreds of lengthy entries published in Greek encyclopedias (although several dozens of entries exceed 10000 words each) and articles / features published in various media (despite many articles exceed 10000 words each).

A. Books

1. The Periplus of Hanno, King of Carthaginians. Preface, Introduction, Text and Translation, Commentary and Historical Milieu (in two chapters); Stohastis Publishing House, Athens, 1991, 108p. (for a text of only 650 words narrating the Carthaginian mission sent by King Hanno to navigate up to the coast of today's Sierra Leone at the middle of the 5th c. BCE)

2. The Adventures of Wenamun (first Modern Greek translation of an Egyptian Hieroglyphic text). Preface, Introduction, Text and Translation, Commentary and Annexes (plus special historical map); Stohastis Publishing House, Athens, 1992, 160p. (for a text of only 10p. narrating the trip of Wenamun, Priest of Amun of Thebes, to Byblus of Phoenicia, then ruled by the Tsekker, a remnant of the Sea Peoples, at 1060 BCE)

3. The Ship of Suleyman. Introduction, Translation, Commentary; Stohastis Publishing House, Athens, 1993, 304p. (big text narrating the deeds of the Persian diplomatic mission of Shah Suleyman to the King of Siam at 1687 – 88, a moment when the Greek Constantine Yerakis, a Jesuit working for the interests of the King of France, was prime minister in Siam; the text, being full of elements of Persian Safevid culture, the commentary focuses mostly on this)

4. The Periplus of the Red Sea. Preface, Introduction-with hundreds of footnotes, Text and Translation, Commentary and Annexes (plus special historical maps); Stohastis Publishing House, Athens, 1994, 288p. (for a text of 24p. narrating in an extremely condensed way the details of trade and navigation from Egypt to the Eastern African Coast, up to today's Tanzania, and to Indochina and China, land and sea routes being alternatively mentioned in this regard; around 100p. of the book, the footnotes to the Introduction, being in characters 7,5')

5. The Book of the Travels (Sefer Ha'masaoth) of Benjamin of Tudela. Preface, Introduction, Translation, Commeentary, Bibliography (plus special historical maps), Stohastis Publishing House, Athens, 1994, 368p. (for a text of appr. 90 p. narrating the trip of the Spanish Jew Benjamin of Tudela to various parts of the Middle East and the Indian Ocean in a quest for the Ten lost Tribes of Israel; mine was the largest part of the Introduction and of the Commentary, since I had to cooperate with the Greek byzantinist A. Savvides, who covered the part of the text (as well as of the Benjamin's trip) that is related to the area of Italy and the Eastern Roman Empire; I supervised the translation that was done not from the original Medieval Hebrew text, but from the English edition of the text by Adler).

6. The Six Stars of the Orient. Domos Publishing House, Athens, 1994, 224p. (a historical, religious, philosophical, ideological and archeological itinerary in six cities and provinces of Eastern Turkey: Edessa of Osrhoene – Urfa, Commagene, Amida – Diyarbakir, Margdis – Mardin, Nisibis and Thospitis – Van; the first extensive coverage of the Nestorian and the Monophysite Christianity, of Manichaeism and of Mithraism in Greece)

7. The Greek – Turkish relationship and the Balkans, Kibris Vakfi, Istanbul, 1994, 80p. (a historical analysis of the misinterpretations of Ancient, Medieval and Modern History detected within the modern nationalist Greek political ideology and their implications in the recent Balkan problems)

8. the same in Turkish translation, Kibris Vakfi, Istanbul, 1994, 80p.

9. the same in Albanian translation, the Albanian Center in Istanbul, 1995, 62 p.

10. Pre-Christian Egypt and its contribution to the World History. Selected works of M.S.Megalommatis translated into Arabic, (a very representative selection of my publications about Pre-Christian Egypt; work completed and under edition, 220p.; some of the chapters it contains are a) Egypt, an entry published in the E.E. Encyclopedia of Ekdotike Athenon, b) the major article no4 (see below), c) Horus, an entry published in Hydria Encyclopedia – Athens, d) Ostanism (a current of Perso- Greco-Egyptian religious syncretism of the Late Antiquity), e) Psammetichus I, II, III (plus: Greeks in Egypt at the times of Psammetichus, an entry published in Hydria), f) the temple of Isis at Philae, g) the Temple of Horus at Edfu, h) the Temple of Hathor at Denderah (the three last being articles published in a Greek monthly), etc.)

11. The Ptolemies and the Romans in Egypt, (personal edition) Athens, 1996, 192p.

12. The Red Sea and Greece, (personal edition) Athens, 1997, 160p.

B. Major Scholarly Articles

Mithraism and Zoroasterianism in North – Western Iran at the Sassanid times; in: Byzantinos Domos, Athens, 1989, 49p.

L' URSS et la crise en Chypre en ete 1974; in: Journal of Oriental and African Studies (JOAS) 2, Athens, 1990, 40p.

The Canaanites and the Phoenicians in Western Mediterranean and North – Western Africa; in: JOAS 3, Athens 1991, 24p.

The Eastern Mediterranean at the end of the 13th century BCE and the Sea Peoples, in: JOAS 4, Athens 1992, 40p. (translated in Arabic in book no10)
Les Peuples de la Mer et la fin du Monde Mycenien. Essai de synthese historique; in: Atti e Memorie del Secondo Congresso Internazionale di Micenologia, GEI, Rome, 1996, 21p.